he optic firm KANDREVIOTI – DRAKOULAKI (Trend Optic) was founded and established 107 years ago in Ermou str, at Syntagma square (Athens Greece), where it still operates.

In 1905, Demetrios Kandreviotis opens the third mere store of Optical goods in downtown Athens. With his innovative ideas changed the course of things in the market of optics, whereas he was one of those who achieved importing large firms such as Rodenstock and Zeiss. Demetrios Kandreviotis was a founding member of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Opticians, in which was a chairman for ten consecutive years.

In 1961, his wife Pari Kandrevioti takes over and starts running the firm as she was herself an optician. She focused more on the commercial development of the store in which she remained as a manager, approximately for two decades, until she handed it in to the next generation.

In 1978, her daughter Marillian Kandrevioti – Drakoulaki takes over the company having first completed her studies as an optician in Paris and London, as well as her postgraduate studies in Germany. She elaborated on  the application of contact lenses, the use of which will spread over the next years, at a time when the object is almost unknown. At the same time an independent workshop is created for the application of contact lenses and check of refractive abnormalities.

 The Optic Firm under the direction of Marillian Kandrevioti – Drakoulaki constantly updates on developments in Optical – Optometry and in the field of Fashion. Soon the new methods and trends are the norm for the business while tradition becomes Principle. Finally in 2005, after completing her studies as a visual – optometrist in Italy and Great Britain, the lead receives the granddaughter of Demetrios, Drakoulaki Evita, who places great emphasis on the development of the workshop, where in addition to basic functions such as application of contact lenses and check of vision, she extends the application of low vision aids (magnifiers of high Visibility). Therefore, having the history of three generations of experience and passion for fashion, she works with a functional key and overarching objective of effectively meeting the needs related to your eyes in both the medical and aesthetic field, which the founder of the store set as his main Principle.